Comment l’omnicanal a transformé le business digital de Marchon Eyewear | Étude de cas

07 juin 2021

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The Spectacles” is a comical story by Edgar Poe from 1844. It's about a 22-year-old man who pays far too much attention to his appearance. He is young, tall and handsome. But he refuses to wear glasses or a monocle because they don't fit his ‘image’.

One night at the opera, he sees a beautiful woman in the audience, and although he cannot see her well, he falls in love instantly. His companion identifies the woman as a wealthy 82-year-old widow and promises to introduce them. After his marriage proposal, the widow makes him promise that on their wedding night, he will wear his spectacles…

Times have changed, and the eyewear industry has evolved from not only providing visual aids but also becoming an expression of style, fashion and personality.

In order to efficiently supply a growing assortment of frames from diversified brands to their many wholesale customers, Marchon Eyewear Australia embraced Pepperi as an integral part of their business.

Find out how Pepperi helped Marchon Australia to:

Create a more controlled returns & buying experience across multiple sales channels
Serve customers when not visited by field sales reps
Eliminate manual order entry and review
Successfully recapture missed opportunities

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