The expertise of Sodepar DL

Sodepar DL has successfully supported more than 100 companies in the digital transformation of their B2B commerce since 2005


The Sodepar DL value proposition:

  • Support the company in its digital transformation of B2B commerce into a B2B E*Commerce omnichannel platform.
  • Assistance in developing a strategy
  • Audit of existing processes
  • SWOT of existing B2B trade
  • Elaboration of an optimization plan
  • Drafting of specifications and project plan
  • Execution . Assistance in mastering the omnichannel platform B2B E*Commerce of the international publisher PEPPERI. Sodepar DL is Pepperi’s partner for EMEA and Canada.
  • Support and maintenance 3rd level.


Expertise on the process of order taking by mobile salespeople in offline and connected mode and by B2B buyers in Web interface and tablets through the sale of 15 projects based on the omnichannel platform solution of the international publisher Pepperi.

  • Analysis of existing processes by a confirmed method
  • Participation in the strategic plan
  • Commercial development through the optimization of B2B business processes
  • Optimization Plan
  • Implementation plan drawn up by the implementation of the Omni Canale E commerce platform of Pepperi

Intervention markets

Sodepar DL’s accompanying proposal is aimed at companies active in the national and international markets of food and beverages, Beauty and Health, parapharma, optics, jewelry and watches, Outdoor and sport, home and gifts, toys, tools/spare parts and industrial products, chemicals, watches and jewelry, optics, fashion, and beverages, sports and outdoor, toys, home and gifts, tools, spare parts, chemistry, etc.

History of Sodepar DL

Since 2014

Sodepar DL is Pepperi’s partner for EMEA and Canada.

From 2010 to 2014

For 4 years, Sodepardl took over the function of contracted Commercial Director of Publisoft, a French publisher focused on visiting sales forces in GMS (linear statements, sales of commercial transactions in GMS).

The PROSCOM solution, a solution that was aimed at all the players in the sales force: sales staff in the field, administration and management.

To optimise market knowledge, team management, sales force organisation, customer communication and negotiation.

From 2005 to 2012

Sodepardl intervened with the world leader in forward-looking analysis S.A.S Group as a pre-sales technical and commercial advisor in the Reatil and vertical distribution market in Southern Europe to promote and deploy a MarketMax assortment management platform.

In a second phase, Sodepardl intervened with Cosmic UK, then Aldata as contracted sales manager in Southern Europe for the marketing of management category solutions in the distribution world.