The Pepperi solution

B2B Omnichannel Commerce Platform

Pepperi International software vendor B2B Omnichannel Commerce Platform

Pepperi solutions are available in 70 countries.
More than 1,200 customer accounts use Pepperi’s omnichannel platform.

  • B2B trading platform
  • B2B E Portal *Commerce and APPs for self-service retailers and distributors, open 24/7
  • Mobile CRM Order Taking for Sales
  • Verification of the execution of merchanding choices in the field by merchandisers
  • Route management and auto sales for drivers and truckers
  • Sedentary Sales and Sales Administration
  • Sales Manager Console
  • B2B “all in one” platform integrated with your systems
  • Back office integration: ERP, DAM, PIM, inventory
  • Pepperi platform: Management and decision-making interface by managers
  • Sales Administration console
  • Platform Management console
  • Integration systems: API, FTP, Pluggins
  • Order taking software for sales people
  • Merchandising software
  • Management of routes
  • Buyer order Portal and App
  • Pepperi extend: CRMS Integration, Business Intelligence, Market Automation, chat.