Podcast: How to keep your uniqueness

17 mars 2021

Uniqueness of a software is not forever

Podcast: How to keep your uniqueness

Watch Ofer Yourvexel, Pepperi CEO as he shares his unique experience in the SaaS world with Matt Wolach,  a B2B SaaS sales coach, entrepreneur, investor and host of 'SaaS-Story in the Making' podcast. Each week, Matt chats with business leaders who have succeeded and inspired in the world of software to find out how they did it, what advice they have, and what's coming in the future with new innovations.

“When you are in the beginning and you are doing something innovative, think long term and understand that you will not stay unique for too long - and being a small company, you might lose your uniqueness if you continue to be wide.”


[13:45] “The company is the people.”

[14:58] “You would not grow if you do not let your team be autonomous.”

[15:17] “Do not always be the one driving things, just steer things.”

[23:30] “Do not sound good to a lot of people, sound great to your perfect customer.”

Watch the whole episode to hear all the insights here: https://tips.mattwolach.com/videocast-why-getting-the-right-people-on-your-team-matters-with-ofer-yourvexel/

Listen to the audio-only version (MP3) here: https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/saas-story-in-the/150-why-getting-the-right-2H1XJxj-uhf/

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