Choosing a B2B e-commerce platform: thoughts

20 août 2021

You plan to choose a B2B e-commerce platform. We have five options for you to consider.

Strong B2B e-commerce capabilities bring many benefits to brands and wholesalers. But these are not guaranteed. To deliver the best B2B e-commerce platform to your customers, you need to develop a well-thought-out e-commerce strategy, select the right platform, and execute it.

Here are five axes .

  • Can you offer an omni-channel experience to your market?
  • Can you offer a B2B mobile app in native mode that displays your brand?
  • Can you transform the mission of your sales representatives?
  • Is your B2B e-commerce platform purely transactional or would you like to manage complex pricing (including promotions) in your e-commerce environment?
  • Is your platform highly configurable?

All these elements are developed by Yana Persky , please click on the following link:

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