Pepperi equips a Spanish impulse market player

28 mars 2022

The impulse market or candy market in Spain and France. The issue. Transform and digitize your B2B business processes, more integration, more speed through solutions adapted to the impulse market.

You want to grow your business.

  • Increase your confectionery sales quickly at kiosks, bakeries, tobacco shops, vending machines, gas stations, confectionery retailers, amusement and leisure parks.
  • Reach new geographic areas
  • Be open 24*7 self-service
  • Stay connected and build customer loyalty
  • Streamline the order taking process
  • Reduce administrative costs and errors
  • Allow customers to reorder quickly and easily
  • Manage multiple and varied promotional campaigns
  • Offer promotional campaigns across all channels
  • Allow for complex pricing
  • Provide each customer (POS) with an App (smartphone/tablet)
  • Offer private label Apps, under your name and logo, to your B2B teams and customers
  • Develop custom validation flows

For this, Pepperi provides an all-in-one mobile sales, retail execution and B2B e-commerce solution for the impulse market in Spain and internationally.

Intuitive tools allow buyers of your customer accounts, your sales representatives, to take orders in offline mode, view their order history and adapt to the scheduling of their points of sale.

I invite you to visit:

You can also take a look at our new 90-second product clips! :

  • B2B E-Commerce Showcase
  • Pepperi Mobile Order Taking - Sell Smarter

The main advantages of Pepperi are:

  • Very short project cycle of a few days or 1-3 months
    • Configuration without coding
    • Off line and Saas/native cloud
  • B2B best practices by industry, + 1200 customers in + 70 countries
  • All operating systems Ios, Android, Web-app
  • One-stop shop for Sales Representatives, Managers, Merchandisers, and Points of Sale/Wholesalers

The Pepperi omni-channel platform provides you with a single focal point for setting up, WITHOUT DEVELOPMENT, all applications, scenarios, user roles and profiles, business flows and rules, and sales promotions for the tablet, smartphone (online/offline) and web application. Our unique omnichannel sales approach has also been recognized by Gartner, which has named us "Cool Vendor" in digital commerce.

  • Quick, intuitive and natural integration into field sales/merchandisers/reseller team usage
  • Easy integration with your IT architecture and any ERP with our “Pepperi iPASS” integration platform (FTP, dedicated connector, web services, API)

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