Naomi Faberman, Regional Director of Pepperi, unveils 6 tips to enhance your B2B e-commerce platform

28 janv. 2021

Every day when I discuss business-to-business e-commerce software with people, I often hear words like “customers don’t like ordering online”, “they’re too old-fashioned” or “they prefer to see their representative”. Sometimes I even have the classic “I can’t trust them to order enough – I know a rep will sell them more.”

Now, with COVID-19, old sales strategies are changing, and many businesses are now turning to online B2B e-commerce.

But still, many customers often ask me how they can get better value from their B2B e-commerce platform, and how they can encourage their customers to make greater use of it.

So here are some of my thoughts and ideas on how to take advantage of the systems you have and grow your business even more.

1. Make your B2B e-commerce site a one-stop shop where customers can view their order history, frequently purchased items (shopping lists), invoices or previous statements and pay their bills. This will make your B2B e-commerce platform a focal point for your customers to interact with you. While they are on site, they will be able to learn about your most recent and interesting products, services and promotions. Provide features such as the ability to download their order from Excel or via a mobile app with barcode scanning, so they can place orders quickly and easily.

2. Offer “online only” promotions so customers need to connect to your B2B e-commerce platform to get the best deals and the latest products in your line. Add value to your customers’ interaction with your B2B store, offer them wholesale offers that they can only access online, and easily cross-sell while you’re there.

3. Offer a discount or free shipping for online orders. Less overhead for you means you can pass on savings to your customers, and they can get their order faster too! Create a financial incentive for your customers to connect online, making it easier to change their long-term habits. We do it very well with consumers, so why not with our business customers as well?

4. Provide incentives to your representatives to encourage customers to register for the B2B e-commerce platform or place their orders on the platform. Use the power of your employees in the field to promote the new platform and inspire them about all

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